Freedom to Read Statement

November, 21, 2023


The Bridgewater Public Library Board of Trustees believes that the freedom to read is essential to our democracy and the birthright of all persons regardless of their beliefs or political persuasion.


We believe this freedom is under attack.  We know that stories are powerful and can shape our lives, open our eyes, and change the world.  the Bridgewater Public Library Board of trustees believes that is a good thing and that all people have the right to choose for themselves.


Since their founding, public libraries have combated the forces of ignorance and hate by making information and knowledge freely available to all.  Library workers across the country are standing at the frontline of challenges to thi mission, continuously upholding its values in the face of campaigns of demagoguery, criminalization, and harassment.  The Bridgewater Public Library Board of Trustees places its trust in, and stands behind, the professional library workers of the Bridgewater Public Library and those in all libraries, everywhere.


This issue impacts all of us - not only our libraries but also our communities and the very foundations of what it means to live in a healthy and free society.  we all have a role to play in protecting everyone's right to access the full range of ideas, voices, and experiences our society has to offer.  The Bridgewater Public Library Board of Trustees believes that is where our strength as a nation comes from.