Flora T. Little Art Gallery Terms of Exhibiting & Exhibit Application

Terms of Exhibiting

The Flora T. Little Art Gallery is located on the second floor mezzanine. The gallery has a hanging system that can adjust both vertically and horizontally. The artist is responsible for hanging the show on the Library’s hangers. No nails, thumbtacks, adhesives, etc. may be used directly on the walls. The Library will provide removable mounting putty to the artist for any information that they require to be placed directly on the wall. Artists have a large buffet style table located in the gallery at their disposal to be used for promotional information.

The Bridgewater Public Library is not responsible for any materials brought into the Gallery. While we will do all that we can to make sure materials are safe while they are here, the Library is not responsible for any damage, transfer, or management of the materials at any time. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Bridgewater Public Library, Trustees, staff, and Town of Bridgewater for any damage or loss of materials.

The Bridgewater Public Library does not charge any commission on the sale of works exhibited. All transactions are between the buyer and the artist.

Opening receptions are optional and may only take place during regular library hours. Receptions must end at least a half-hour before the Library’s closing time on the day selected. The artist is responsible for any refreshments, which must be non-alcoholic. The Library does not underwrite any of the artist’s cost of exhibiting. 

Exhibitors are not charged for use of the facilities.

Gallery applications are reviewed by the Library Director and/or designated staff. Responses to applications typically are made within thirty (30) days. Exhibits generally run for thirty (30) days.


Exhibit Application

To apply, please fill out the form below.