Do you have old Yearbooks?

We keep a collection of Bridgewater High School and Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School yearbooks in our Historical Room.  They are for use in the library only.

Where can I find Consumer Reports evaluations of products?

We keep the annual buying guide/index copies at the Information Desk.  Individual issues are kept at the Service Desk.  They do not circulate due to heavy use, so remember to bring your change for the copier.

Do you have New and Used Car prices and ratings?

We subscribe to Consumer Guide Car & Trust Test which includes all the latest dealer invoice and retail prices.  We also carry the IntelliChoice Complete Small Truck Cost Guide and Complete Car Cost Guide, plus Jack Gillis’ The Ultimate Car Book, and several others.  We also keep the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue (April) at the Information Desk.

You may also want to try the following internet sites:

Kelly Blue Book
National Automobile Dealer’s Association (NADA) Retail Price Guide

Income tax forms?

The state and federal governments send us a supply of the more common forms which you may take for free.  We also keep J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax – one copy in Reference and one that circulates.

You may also download forms and publications from any of these web sites:

Internal Revenue Service (
Massachusetts State Taxes (
Link to other state’s tax sites (

College directories and scholarship information?

We have a large collection of college directories and scholarships  (located on the shelves at 378).  Some of these are Reference and some circulate.  We also have a supply of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms.  Or you can file electronically at

College information can be found on the web at , at (college choice weblink), (Higher Education Information Center) or (Massachusetts Colleges and Universities)

Do you have Information on the Bridgewater Triangle?

We keep a collection of newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the strange creatures and happenings which have been witnessed in the Hockomock Swamp.

Information on health and medicine?

Our reference collection includes many current medical encyclopedias, directories, and specialized resources dealing with various diseases and conditions, plus information about prescription and non-prescription medications.  We keep Folio’s Medical Directory of Massachusetts and for ME/NH/VT.  We also offer a Health Periodicals Database through Infotrac, one of our on-line databases.  With a SAILS/ABLE library card, you can also access this database from your home computer.  We subscribe to the New England Journal of Medicine and we have access to information from the Treadwell Medical Library of Massachusetts General Hospital.

You can also find lots of medical information on the web.  Try for drug information, (Merck Manual on line) for information about diseases and conditions, to locate a new doctor or find information about your current physician, and to find information on all kinds of health-related issues.

Information about Massachusetts law?

We have Massachusetts General Laws Annotated and Massachusetts Practice.  These are updated with annual pocket parts.  If you are confused about where to look for information about a particular law, you can look in West’s Massachusetts Law Finder, a coordinated research guide to Massachusetts, federal and general publications.

To find an attorney, you might want to investigate the Martindate-Hubbell Law Directory, which is a multivolume directory, national in scope.

Another great legal resource is the “Statewide Legal Reference Service” which can be found on the web at

You may wish to contact a Trial Court Law Library which has extensive legal material.  Two local law libraries are the Brockton Law Library, located at 72 Belmont Street (corner of Belmont Street and Warren Ave.);  and the Bristol Law Library, located at 9 Court St., Taunton.  The phone number of the Brockton Law Library is 508-586-7110 and the Bristol Law Library can be contacted at 824-7632.

Relocation information?

The Reference Collection offers many valuable titles to help you with your relocation needs.

Places Rated Almanac
Massachusetts Municipal Profiles
The Rating Guide to Life in America’s Fifty States
50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family
Moving and Relocation Sourcebook and Directory

On the web, you can find relocation information at HomeFair  ( and

Adoption information?

We have the M.A.R.E. manual  (Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange).

The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange also maintains a web site at

Another option for adoption information is (National Adoption Information Clearinghouse)

Travel information?

We have lots of travel guides and travel videos (913-919) that you may borrow.  In our Reference collection you can also find current editions of Woodall’s Campgrounds,   City Profiles USA: a traveler’s guide to major US and Canadian cities, and many atlases.  We offer Fodor’s and Frommer’s guides as well.

Or try for camping information, or for plotting your course, and  and for information on planning your great adventure.

Information about documenting a research paper?

We keep the following style guides in Reference:

The Chicago Manual of Style
MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual
Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

You could also consult The Elements of Style by William Strunk at on the web.