Looking to learn a language? We now have an extensive collection of foreign language materials that include kids, young adult, and adult books in French, Latin, German, Spanish, and Italian. We will soon have Greek, Mandarin, Russian, and many more.

Many self-teachers learn foreign languages through the reading of kid’s books, then progress to young adult, and finally the classics of whatever language they may be working in. Our foreign language collection offers enough material in each language for you to do just that. Many of our kid’s books have Audio CDs with them that allow you to listen along in the language you are working on.  We have dictionaries in each language as well as dictionaries that cross languages, like our French-German dictionary. Some find it helpful to work from one foreign language to another in this way.

Check out Kato Lombs, “Polyglot: How I learn languages,” to read about how one woman taught herself multiple languages through romance novels and dictionaries. Or visit www.foreignlanguageexpertise.com to learn how Alexander Arguelles mastered over thirty languages and how he uses kid’s books and writing exercises to keep them all sharp in his mind.

Studying a foreign language has been shown to improve cognitive skills and keep the mind sharp in old age; it is never too late to start learning a new language.

Studying a language does not have to start with grammar books and it certainly isn’t limited to trendy computer programs. So stop by and pick up a handful of books in any language and start learning!

We will soon be adding a number of foreign language films and audio books to help you immerse yourself in the language of your choosing.